Most guitarist like myself included, start with a flat pick when they learn guitar. I had been playing for several years before I started using fingers in my style. When you learn to use more than a pick on guitar the results can be rewarding.  Nearly all great guitarist play their instrument with more the one finger. There are many ways to play finger style. Some use no picks at all (thumb, index, middle, & ring Fingers), and others use thumb picks and finger picks. There are many combinations you can use and no one way is right or wrong. You must find a method or style that works best for you. I use to tuck my flat pick with my pinky finger to free my thumb and other three fingers when I first started playing with fingers. Later I saw guys like Albert Lee and Vince Gill using a flat pick and using middle and ring fingers while holding the pick with thumb and index fingers. That style is what worked best for me.

In this lesson we will cover some different finger and pick style combinations. We will cover double stops, forward rolls, banjo rolls, chicken picking and much more.