Double Stops is guitar terminology for playing two strings simultaneously. It is just two notes being played at the same time. They are typically played on adjacent strings but not always. The can be played up, down, and across the neck. Double stops sound good because they add harmonies. They are used in all different types of music. They sound really good because they generally add harmony to a single string. You can play double stops many different ways. I use a couple different pick techniques when playing double stops. Often I use my pick and middle finger than other times I use middle and ring fingers.


Let’s look at a few different examples.

This lick uses hammer on licks mixed with harmony. You may recognize this classic rock intro.


Here is a lick using classic country double stops. This is a combination of single notes and double stops. I used middle and ring finger to play the double stops in this lick.


Here is a lick you could hear in a more modern country song.