I have seen this style done many different picking techniques. I have also seen many videos where guitarist are just playing country style and assume it is chicken Picking when rather it is not.
I refer to chicken picking as a style of rapid muted notes mostly on single strings. James Burton and Don Rich is where I first heard this style though there was many other great guitarist that also played this style. I get this sound in two ways;

1) Pick and middle finger

2) Pick and muting with palm or sometimes using thumb holding the pick also


Depending on the lick I use different styles, Lick 13 I used mostly palm muting where licks 14 and 15 I used my middle finger. This style as all the other styles takes lots of practice time to play them well. Unless you are one of the special ones in life you will not master them overnight.


This first exercise is really slowed down to get you on your way.